About me

Dr. Muhammed Yuceer is an academician (Associate Professor in the Department of Food Processing, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Canakkale, Turkey). He earned his bachelor's degree from Yuzuncu Yil University’s department of food engineering (2002), and his master's degree from Istanbul Technical University's department of food engineering (2007) in Istanbul where his research involved studying cholesterol reduced liquid egg yolk, in particular, its rheology and characterization. Yuceer obtained his Ph.D. in Food Engineering Department of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (2013) on the extending the shelf life of egg using active packaging and novel preserving methods. His career began in 2002, the R&D department of A.B Foods Company, which manufacturers' egg products (liquid, frozen, powder), cakes, cake-gel, pastry products and processing aids for the food industry. Before joining the University of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart, he was a Deputy Director of Factory Manager (Prod. -Quality-R&D Manager) for A.B Foods Company, as an egg-processing expert over >15 years. Dr. Yuceer is on the Editorial Board in several Journals such as Academic editors in Journal of Food Biochemistry and Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. He has participated in several European or National Research Programs and in more than 10 R&D Projects with companies. He has authored numerous articles in high impact journals listed in the JCR-SCI.

His research area/interests include food and bioprocess engineering, functional food ingredients, egg chemistry, functional egg products, application of novel processing methods in egg science, membrane as a clean technology in agro-food industries, sustainability in agro-food sector and shelf life extension of foods as well as functional foods. Dr. Yuceer’s current research focused on the application of novel techniques (antimicrobial packaging, edible coating, ozone, ultrasound, etc.) and processing aids (enzymes) in egg & egg products. He has deep knowledge of egg processing with >22 years of wide experience in egg research and has >6 invention patents. Yuceer is married and is a father of three children.

For further information please visit: www.muhammedyuceer.com

Muhammed Yüceer, Ph.D. in Egg Science

innoyum team have been involved in investigations through diverse long-term R&D projects financed by public Institutions (EU, National, and local) as well as in more specific projects financed by private companies.

Our research interests are focused on;

1. Valorization and obtain bioactive compounds from food waste (egg, fruit and vegetables) and by-products, such as lysozyme, natural eggshell membrane.

2. Sustainable, antimicrobial, biodegradable and active packaging systems such as non-composites based on bio-plastics edible coatings.

3. The optimization of sustainable postharvest technologies to preserve / enhance quality and safety of egg, fresh-cut, and minimally processed fruit and vegetables, including by-products revalorization, enhance storage stability and shelf life of perishable food products.

4. Novel non-thermal food preserving techniques such as ultrasound, ozone, electrolyzed water, chlorine dioxide, membrane filtration, modified atmosphere packaging.

Date of birth 21 Nov.1980
Citizenship Turkish, Ankara - Kızılcahamam
Military State Completed
  • Turkish - native tongue,
  • English – upper-Intermediate-advanced,
  • Arabic - upper-Intermediate,
Membership in scientific and professional societies
  • International Society of Food Engineering -ISFE,
  • Institute of Food Technologists -IFT,
  • World’s Poultry Science Association -WPSA,
  • Poultry Science Association -PSA,
  • International Association for Food Protection -IAFP,
  • Institute of Packaging Professionals -IoPP,
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers -SME,
  • International Egg Commission -IEC,
  • Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects-TMMOB, Chamber of Food Engineers -GMO, (delegate)
  • Turkish Standardization Institute – TSE (Ayna Committee)
  • Consumers Association -TÜDER
  • Turkish Society of Microbiology.
Personal Interests-Hobbies I have great interest in history, particularly cultural, and playing table tennis and travelling accordingly. I also enjoy to taking photograph and organize readings about science & technology.
Personal Skills- Specialties Leadership qualities, quick learner, soft skills, ability to work in a team. Innovative creative solutions, crisis management, team spirit, well-team player, team leader, strong insights, and quick response, solution- action-customer oriented.
Technical Skills Specialists in liquid egg processing, pasteurization systems, well versed in egg processing techniques, food preservation techniques and egg science technology
Professional Areas Research & Development new product development and quality management, Egg product (liquid, ESL, frozen and powder) development and processing, Advanced Processing Methods in Egg Science, Food Rheology, Membrane filtration and know-how for lysozyme production, Experience in manufacturing of egg products, cake additives (improver agent like cake gel), baking powder, ice-cream cornet, phosphate products, sport drinks, marmalade, sauce, sponge cake and cake mixes, phosphoric acid (food grade and technical grade) and feed phosphates additives processing and quality assurance, wastewater treatment.
Current research Egg white and shell egg proteins purification and extraction, edible coating applications, novel processing techniques (ozone, ultrasound, manosound) and enzyme applications in egg processing. Goal: Currently, I am working on the application of ultrasound as a novel technology to maintain egg’s freshness and increase functional & technological properties while preserve egg’s interior quality which are normally degraded during conventional storage period.